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How do I get a student child?

Anyone, who want's to contribute for the education are most welcome to join the EduWish  drive. One has to pay the nominal charge to join the EduWish group. Member will get all updates of the group. A member will be able to share their experience and suggestion with the group 

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How does EduWish work?

It is expected that the member of the EduWish group will devote at least one hour a month for this cause. It is not necessary that they would go to the location, they could even spare one hour time from the remote location for the drive.  

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How much time do I need to devote
How many students in a time?
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Yes, one can. And according to the performance of the student, you could guide a student for their own betterment. It's responsibility of teachers to share the prograss report.

Can I review the performance of a student?

One can get associated with a child unless and until s/he completes the final exam of school. Or, every year, one can opt for a different student. Even once a student completes school education still one can continue the relation.

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Can I get associated with the same student with years together?
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Wish to Educate a Child is EduWish. A drive initiated by alums of SHS. This wish could be in any form. We believe only by the development in the education sector the overall development of India is possible. 

Upon becoming a member of EduWish you will get chances to interact with the selective students as identified by the school. The headmaster of the school will make the necessary arrangement. Also, one can choose any student without disclosing their identity.

One can choose as many as he/she wants to help. But it's recommended that irrespective of the number, proper involvement is required to motivate all of them.

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The site is maintained by a group of alums. And is not an official website of the school

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